Friday, January 31, 2014

Concert: Ben Kenney and Brandon Boyd at Irving Plaza, 1/30/14

Ah, the morning after a great concert. I'm on a bit of a musical high.

Last night, I saw Brandon Boyd perform at Irving Plaza. Technically he was billed as his side project, Sons of the Sea, but he played plenty of songs off of his previous solo album, The Wild Trapeze.

You know, I've been to so many concerts at this point in my life that I don't get as excited about them as I used to in high school. But as I waited in the crowd last night, I felt butterflies in my stomach, like I was 15 again. Brandon and his band sounded amazing, as I knew they would. And they played so many good songs. Since this was only their third show ever, I figured I'd save the set list, in case anyone was curious:

The Wild Trapeze
Jet Black Crow
Space and Time
Dance While the Devil Sleeps
Come Together
Runaway Train
Courage and Control
Here Comes Everyone
Last Night a Passenger
Lady Black

The Great Escape
Where All The Songs Come From

Also, I don't want to overlook Ben Kenney, the opening act last night and the bassist for Incubus. I haven't listened to his solo project before (Why? What kind of fan am I?) but he killed it. Usually at Incubus shows, he hangs back and doesn't say much (he is the bassist, after all). But when he got his moment in the spotlight, he turned out to be funny, entertaining and a pretty spiffy dancer. Plus he covered City and Colour's "Of Space and Time" which made me absurdly happy. If you're an Incubus fan who hasn't checked out any of his many albums, I'd definitely recommend looking into them.

And I need you on repeat, all the time. How in the world did you get to be so fine?


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